Trek Fuel EX 29 Photos & Actual Weights – EX 9.7, EX 9, EX 8, EX 7

| Reviews | May 20, 2013

Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29 Head TubeToday we were fortunate enough to get our hands on  Trek’s new line of Fuel EX 29ers. On first inspection Trek seems to have put out a nice spread of paint schemes that should satisfy most every palate. I’m glad to see they’ve moved away from things like the all green fork of past Rumblefish. Another immediately noticeable change to the lineup for this year is the complete absence of any Sram products. Looks like Trek and Shimano must have struck a pretty good deal! I think the consistency in components should make for better functioning bikes and better consistency in the  product line. Price points seem to be on par with other similar Trek offerings and  previous 29ers from the Gary Fisher Collection.

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 1Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29 Suspension

Being weight weenies at heart we threw all the models we had on the scale. The bikes all seem on par with previous Trek 29er’s as far as weight goes. They aren’t the lightest bikes we’ve ever seen but with a few modest tweaks they could be pretty darn light for a 29er trail bike. We’ve heard some griping about the weight, but keep in mind folks, these aren’t xc race bikes, nor are they ment to be turned into one. After a quick spin on a few of the bike it becomes obvious that these are trail bikes. The head angle feels relatively slack, and Trek has made their intentions clear with the unusually short stems being spec’d on all models (bikes that would have previously seen a 100mm stem are now down to 80mm). As a nice bonus all bikes also have a 15mm through axle front and a 142×12 through axle rear.

Trek Fuel Ex 7 29

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 7 29er

While the bikes feel slightly more trail ready than past 26in Fuel Ex models, they are still quick to respond to any input. I get the feeling this lineup will be a force to be reckoned with on the trail.

We can’t wait  to get these things out for some proper trail riding, we’ll keep you posted once we get enough saddle time for a full ride report. Until then, weight weenies eat your heart out, below are real bike weights and a few close ups of the paint schemes and components.

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 7 29er Weight.

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 7 On the Scale. Size 17.5.

Trek Ex 7 29er
Love the Green!

Trek Ex 7 29er

Ex 7 spec’d with Shimano Deore and SLX

2014 Trek Ex 8 29er Weight.
Fuel Ex 8 29er on the scale.Size 18.5.

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 9 29er

Fuel Ex 9 29er.

2014 Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 Weight

Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29er. 28lbs 13oz. Size 19.5.

Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29er Paint
Cool paint job, slightly transparent.

Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29er Rear through axle

The 9.7 gets the SLX XT mix.




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  1. Hi, well done !
    Let me ask you kindly – do you have the weight for FX 29 9 (the aluminium high polish one)
    Thanks and regards, Richard

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