Selle Anatomica Titanico Review

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Selle Anatomica Titanico

Selle Anatomica Titanico

For the last few months now I have had the opportunity to put several Selle Anatomica Saddles through their paces. I must say I was slightly skeptical at first, being that they are a relatively new company to me, however after some extended use I was quite impressed. Over the last few months I’ve put in quite a few miles now on both the Titanico and the Titanico X. From what I understand the Titanico X has an additional laminate layer that makes it slightly stiffer for heavier riders(160-250 lbs). I tip the scales at a healthy 180 and although I’m over the recommended weight limit, I found the standard Titanico to be slightly more comfortable.

Now just to put this saddle review in perspective, I’m not the cyclist who is always complaining about a sore ass, or can never seem to find the right saddle. I’ve put in thousands of miles on a Selle Italia SLR with a smile on my face, so for me to like this saddle as much as I did is a pretty big deal to me.


Selle Anatomica Titanico Review

My Titanico saddle after 175 miles of punishment.

I initially decided to try out the Titanico X on my commuter bike (at the time I was commuting around 150 miles/week). It was not until the second week of use that it finally dawned on me how comfortable the saddle was. After a long continued period on a bike even the most hardened cyclists will need to take a minute to find the sweet spot on a saddle, but with the Selle Anatomica I never had a bit of discomfort no matter how much I rode it. I almost completely forgot about that butt hitting the saddle twinge we all love so much. The leather is plenty soft but yet very supportive. I have now easily put in a few thousand miles on the Titanico and I can say that this is easily the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden. Just as the icing on the happy prostate cake I just did a 175 mile mountain touring ride with the Titanico and put in multiple 10 hour days in a row on the saddle;  again it proved to be superbly comfortable and also had no problem handling the severe beating of off-road bikepacking.

While the saddle is extremely comfortable I must say (because no one is paying me to write this) that its one big downside is weight. This saddle is rather hefty. The company does not publish weights so I couldn’t tell you exactly what it weighs, but you certainly pay a price for the comfort. I hope to see a titanium version in the future to shave a bit of weight. That being said, as someone who has been accused of being a weight weenie more than once, I felt that the comfort outweighed the weight penalty and took it on a weekend long trip with nearly 20,000 feet of off-road climbing.

The bottom line is that these saddles are darn comfortable, and I would highly recommend that anyone in the market for a comfortable saddle look up Selle Anatomica and ask to demo a saddle. The best part of all, once you ride one and realize you  need to buy one, it wont break the bank. The Titanico saddles are only $129 and the new Titanico NSX (no center cutout) is on sale right now for only $99. A small price to pay to get rid of that pain in the ass!


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  1. They weigh in the neighborhood of 500 grams. We threw one on a scale once after everyone swore that it was heavier than a cervelo r5 ca frame. Close…

    • Haha interesting comparison! They are a bit on the heavy side, but it’s hard to find a more comfortable saddle. Also FYI I just spoke with Selle Anatomica and they have a lighter version coming soon! Stay tuned.

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