Best Winter Cycling Glove? Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell WxB 3×1 Glove Review

| Reviews | January 14, 2016

Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Softshell WxB 3x1 Glove

If you’re like me, nothing kills a good winter ride more than frozen fingers. I typically don’t have any issues with the rest of my body but when the weather dips below freezing my fingertips always end up frozen solid. I mean, they start out okay, then get cold, then get hard, and then they just hurt. The worst part? When they thaw out after the ride, it’s like getting nailed with a hammer over and over again. Needless to say, it’s enough to make me think twice about going out in the cold!

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Dumonde Tech Chain Lube Review

| Reviews | October 9, 2015

dumonde tech chain lube

Will there ever be one lube to rule them all? (Spoiler Alert: yes) When it comes to chain lube, I’ve pretty much seen it all – White Lightening (the good ‘ol days), wax lubes, dry lubes, wet lubes, custom mixtures (my father swears by 1/3 Pedros + 2/3 Pro Link), motor oil, white lithium grease, WD-40, and even

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Trek Domane Review

| Reviews | June 12, 2015

Trek Domane Project One Frame


In May of this year we received a 2013 Trek Domane 6.2 Project One bike for long-term testing. The Domane (pronounced dough-mah-neeeee) is Trek’s ‘endurance’ road bike – built for the cobbles with geometry and frame details designed to absorb the bumps. The two most notable features

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Hope Pro 2 Evo Review

| Reviews | August 15, 2013

hope pro 2 evo rear hub

This review is for a set of Hope Pro 2 Evo 6 bolt MTB hubs that I have laced to NoTubes Crest 29er hoops.

When looking for a solid bikepacking/Tour Divide wheelset I was torn between a few options. On one hand I thought about just keeping it basic and going with a stock Crest 29er wheelset and the NoTubes 3.30 hubs. On the other hand I thought about going with the gold standard DT 240’s. That’s when I came across

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Niner RDO Carbon Fork Review: Because Enough is Never Enough

| Reviews | June 3, 2013

RDO Fork Review

I’ve come full circle… And then some. From full rigid mountain bikes to hardtails to full boingers, back to hardtails, and now back to full rigid. WTF am I thinking? Well let’s just say

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Trek Fuel EX 29 Photos & Actual Weights – EX 9.7, EX 9, EX 8, EX 7

| Reviews | May 20, 2013

Trek Fuel Ex 9.7 29 Head TubeToday we were fortunate enough to get our hands on  Trek’s new line of Fuel EX 29ers. On first inspection Trek seems to have put out a nice spread of paint schemes that should satisfy most every palate. I’m glad to see they’ve moved away from things like

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Lynskey Ridgeline 29er Frame – Unboxing, Photos & Weights

| Reviews | May 13, 2013

lynskey ridgeline 29er

In preparation for our 2013 Tour Divide attempt, we’ve been all across the board when looking at frames to use. We started with no idea what we’d need, but knew that titanium is the holy grail for this type of racing. After countless hours of research, trial runs on different bikes, and endless nail-biting deliberation…

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Eriksen Sweetpost Review: How to Be Cooler Than ALL Your Friends.

| Reviews | May 11, 2013

eriksen titanium seatpost

You may understandably be wondering how a seatpost is going to make you cooler. Well, until you can get your hands on one   you’ll just have to take my word for it. In the meantime hopefully the following will help you understand.

A titanium seatpost is

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2013 Cannondale Lefty Carbon XLR 90 29. Unboxing and Weighing.

| Reviews | March 6, 2013

We just recently got our hands on Cannondale’s new 2013 F29 Carbon 1 (stay tuned for a first ride review!), and we thought we would take the fork off,  give it a once over and put’er on the scale (you’re welcome weight weenies).

2013 cannondale carbon lefty xlr 90 29 weight new cannondale carbon lefty xlr weight

Our Carbon Lefty XLR tipped the scales at

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A Tale of Two Ritcheys: P-29er Review

| Reviews | February 28, 2013

As you may have heard, Sean and I recently both took delivery of two brand new 2013 Ritchey P-29ers. This post details each of our thoughts on the bikes after riding them for a few weeks.

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