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We are cyclists. We love the sport and everything about it. Cycling is a passion that dominates our lives and we want to share our ideas and experiences with the rest of the cycling community.

As two recent San Diego State University graduates who spent our college years (and then some!) working in bike shops we knew there was a better solution to buying and selling the mountains of spare bike parts we had accumulated over the years. We were sick of the clutter and spam on Craigslist, and tired of paying outrageous (and still rising!) fees to Ebay. We decided to take action and create our own solution to the problem.

We want cycling specific organization for our listings, component specific sub-categorization, and national zip code searches. We want to be able to shop locally and nationally all on the same website. We want a place where cyclists can share their experiences and read about other’s, and we want it all FREE. The culmination of these ideas and desires is probikeswap.com.

 *Please Note*

This website is in its infancy and we need your help to make it happen! We are continuously adding new content and great features to the site. If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear! Please contact us here, or via email at sean@probikeswap.com. Your postings and participation are what will make this a great place for all things cycling.


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Sea Otter 2012 (Photo credit: Ashley Jenkins Photography)