2015 Trek Emonda SLR – Photos & Rumors

| News | September 16, 2014

2015 Trek Emonda SLR

Photo credit to MatosVelo.fr who shot these at the Dauphine.

Rumors and photos are popping up about a new Trek road bike for 2015 dubbed the “Emonda SLR.” After MatosVelo.fr first spotted it at the Dauphine, more info is surfacing around the web. Here’s what we know so far:

  • It’s not a replacement for the Madone or Domane, but rather a new frame entirely
  • It’s on the UCI list of approved frames
  • Trek has, of course, trademarked the name 
  • Folks are speculating that it will be a superlight frame to compete with some of the top offerings from Specialized, Cannondale, and Cervelo
  • It ditches the Kammtail Virtual Foil design of the Madone
  • It ditches the integrated rear brake of the madone

Let us know what you think!

UPDATED: Here are more shots of the new bike and a screenshot of the UCI approval:




trek emonda seatstays

From: www.bikeradar.com

trek emonda direct mount brakes

From www.bikeradar.com

trek emonda details

From www.ciclismo-espresso.com/

trek emonda frame weight

From www.ciclismo-espresso.com

trek emonda slr

The superlight Trek Emonda SLR 10

Update #2: Here are all the official details:


Ultra lightweight When designing Émonda, the goal was simple: Design the lightest line of road bikes in the world. Émonda comes from the French verb émonder – to prune and trim away – and we held true to its meaning.

Émonda SLR 10 The lightest production road bike in the world, brushing the scales at 10.25lb/4.65kg, the Émonda SLR 10 is the pinnacle of lightweight road bike performance.

Dare to compare We will put the Émonda line up against any other bike on the market. In fact, we did and the results speak for themselves.

Size-Specific Ride Tuned Performance Utilizing Trek’s extensive engineering resources and carbon expertise, our R&D team undertook the most stringent and sophisticated frame tube optimization project in our history – one that’s three years in the making. The result of focusing on each strand of carbon, every minute detail is a line of bikes blessed with frames that are the absolute lightest in their class, with the pinnacle being the Émonda SLR frame that comes in at 690 grams.

OCLV Carbon Integration Nobody knows carbon like Trek. Only with our OCLV carbon process can a company fully integrate a complete bike system to create the lightest road bike line in the world. It started with what we do best, build the lightest frameset, in Waterloo, WI. The next step was to compliment it with the lightest available rideable and reliable components. When we found opportunities for further reduction, we took it and built the parts ourselves.

Lifetime warranty The lightest road bike line in the world is backed by the cycling world’s best warranty.

New Ultralight Ride Tuned Seatmast Our Ride Tuned Seatmast is the lightest, most comfortable solution for all day race comfort. The no cut design eliminates traditional seat post clamping forces, so we can use less material at the seat tube junction, resulting in a lighter frame. We now offer an ultralight version of our Seatmast Cap, available on the SLR 10 and for aftermarket sales.

Bontrager XXX Bar/Stem Combo Introducing the all-new Bontrager XXX Bar/Stem combo which pushes the boundaries of light weight with outstanding strength and stiffness. This Trek/Bontrager collaboration saves 75 grams over a comparable Bontrager XXX bar & stem combination, while retaining the same stiffness. 129mm drop, 93mm reach, and Blendr-compatible.

Blendr The Bontrager XXX Bar/Stem combo features Bontrager’s new integrative technology, Blendr. Blendr seamlessly mounts Bontrager Trip computers, Bontrager Ion lights, and Garmin computers to the XXX Bar/Stem, keeping everything zip tie-free and in its place.

Bontrager Speed Stop Brakes Émonda’s Bontrager Speed Stop brakes mount directly to the frame via two bolts to reduce parts, save 50 grams per caliper over Ultegra units, and increase braking performance. Adjustable leverage ratio, two position quick release, and an ultra wide stance add to Speed Stop’s versatility and adjustability. This Trek/Bontrager collaboration also increases tire clearance so that running larger tire sizes is possible.

DuoTrap S The second generation of our speed and cadence sensor that is integrated directly into the chainstay, DuoTrap S keeps your sensor and magnet in the right place without the use of zip ties or fear of sensors moving around and losing contact mid-ride. The DuoTrap S differs from our DuoTrap sensor by offering Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, along with a different mounting system that makes for better aesthetics.

What do the Émonda bikes weigh?
Weights below are for 56cm bikes (52cm for WSD).

trek emonda weights

Yes, that is a 4.65kg / 10.25lb bike complete bike (no pedals). 

trek emonda component weights

Has the geometry changed at all?

The top-end Émonda SLRs are available in both H1 and H2, while the SL and S models are offered in H2 – which is absolutely the best choice for the majority of riders. In both H1 and H2 flavors of Émonda, we’ve changed the geo changed slightly from the aero Madone to best suit a Grand Tour riding bike. Thorough blind ride tests have confirmed that Émonda’s geometry is preferred for this kind of riding.

How are the models set up? 
All Émonda models are organized by their frame level and drivetrain build. The frame levels are S, SL, and SLR. The number that follows the frame designation represents the drivetrain spec.

  • 4 – Shimano Tiagra
  • 5 – Shimano 105 5800
  • 6 – Shimano Ultegra 6800
  • 8 – Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 mechanical
  • 9 – Shimano Dura-Ace 9070 Di2
  • 10 – The pinnacle of lightweight, featuring SRAM Red

For example, on the Émonda SL 6, the SL designates the SL frame and fork, while the 6 designates the complete Ultegra drivetrain.

What is the difference between the three frame designs?

trek emonda comparison

Here are some shots of the various builds along with their MSRP’s:

trek emonda slr 10

Trek Emonda SLR 10 – 10.25 lbs – $15,749.99

trek emonda slr 9 h1

Trek Emonda SLR 9 H1 – $12,079.99

trek emonda slr 8

Trek Emonda SLR 8 – $7,449.99

trek emonda slr 6

Trek Emonda SLR 6 – $5,249.99

trek emonda slr frameset

Trek Emonda SLR Frameset -

trek emonda sl 8

Trek Emonda SL 8 – $4,519.99

trek emonda sl 6

Trek Emonda SL 6 – $3,149.99

trek emonda sl frameset

Trek Emonda SL Frameset – $1,429.99


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10 Responses to “2015 Trek Emonda SLR – Photos & Rumors”

  1. John capobianco on June 25, 2014 @ 4:11 pm

    I have owned Treks since the early 90’s with their first carbon bike. I now own a 7 series with Di2. Needless to say, I love their bikes but I was not a fan of the rear brake below the bottom bracket. It is not a good design. As for the new bike, I love it. I will more than likely buy one to keep the tradition alive. In addition, I sure hope they solve the bottom bracket bearing issue. I have to replace my bearings every three months or so.

    • John-

      You can replace your bottom bracket bearings with the philwood they are part # PWX85. You need to run an adapter with them for use on shimano / sram cranks. They last several times over the stock bearings.

    • We use lanox as our bearing grease. It has lanolin in as a water repellant. Don’t go through as many bearings anymore :)

    • Kevin Jones on July 1, 2014 @ 11:14 am

      What is the bottom bracket bearing issue? I have a 2013 Madone 7.9 with ceramic bearings and to my knowledge have no problem with them.

  2. I have it on good authority, that the top of the line weighs 4.75kg built up. Frame is only 600g.
    $16000 for top non project one.

  3. I have a 12 mad 6 series which is beautiful to ride. This looks similar with more research and development and refinement. half the weight! Not that weight of ur frame really matters. I imagine they will release different levels of frames from handmade US frames and down.

  4. I’ll take the red one it’s the prettiest and a reasonable price, seriously, how much lighter are the ones that the well healed enthusiasts can afford (ie the SL6) Compared with a similarly priced Madone? The high end SLR 10’s are going to need weight added to meet the UCI regs and you will loose the Madones aero benefits.

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  6. not a probiker. A weekend biker.

    Would like to get comments on comparison between Emondo SL6 and a Domani 5.2.

    The SL6 rode so much better – but possibly a little harsher. Given I’m 45 years old, should I still opt for the tried and true Domani?


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